Technology Overview

The term “medication adherence” refers to patients consuming their prescribed medication at the proper time and in accurate dosages. According to the WHO, poor medication adherence among patients is a costly problem in many countries. Even within developed countries, the WHO reported that medication adherence among chronically ill patients averages only 50% with even lower rates in developing countries. Lack of medication adherence remains the primary cause of unnecessary disease progression, complications, reduced ability, lower quality of life, and even avoidable mortality.

The CuePBox Plus suite of technologies were conceptualized and developed to address the issue of medication adherence in various patient populations, including individuals with Tuberculosis (TB), Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and the elderly with chronic conditions.These solutions are informed by the PACE framework and consist of an integrated network of hardware and software innovations supported by an intelligent backend system.

Technology Features & Specifications

– Fully automated design with clear audio and visual reminders

– Ease of loading, ease of logging and with flexible programming

– Versions 1 and 2 had daily dose reminders (catered to TB patients) –

Version 3 modifed to have mulitple doses

– Able to communicate with caregiver via SMS/ Virtual Pillbox

– Allows for health analytic data to be collected and fed to the MAMA system

– In user-testing phase with AIC (Agency for Integrated Care and Tzu Chi Foundation)

Research Center